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Can we talk about Zack Greinke’s homer for a minute?

Seriously, what a nice stroke. The follow through on that swing just looks beautiful to me. Greinke has been saying all along how excited he is to hit – and lucky for us Brewer fans, it’s something he appears perfectly capable of doing.  (Watch It Here.)

I’ll be honest with you, having a quintet of capable hitting pitchers is one of my favorite things about this Brewer team. Despite the fact that we have to put up with what seems like pitching-level offensive production from Yuni Betancourt and Carlos Gomez, we don’t have to watch Doug Davis swing a bat anymore – the Brewers have five pitchers who are athletic, and can swing it, and have got some pop.

Anyway, I’m excited for Greinke. You know that this is just the kind of thing that gets him fired up. I would say that we could hope that Greinke’s offense will catapult his pitching – but I’m still not really worried about Greinke the pitcher. He was again very, very good today with just one mistake. It continues a wild trend for Greinke on the season. Greinke’s K/BB ratio is 13:1. What? Yeah. He has 39 strikeouts and 3 walks. His WHIP is very good, and his FIP was three and a half runs below his ERA before today’s game. His xFIP was a run and a half below THAT. In other words, Greinke’s stuff has been far better than his ERA lets on. So I’m not worried about him.

Once the balls do start finding gloves, and Greinke’s luck turns a little bit, sheesh. We’ll be looking at a serious rotation – one that is already achieving beyond what many of us expected. For right now, however, let’s skip all of the pitching talk and just marvel in one of my favorite swings, since, perhaps, this one:


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